PC random disconnects when fixed?

When are all these random disconnects going to be fixed. They are often in Westmarch but I get them just about any area of the game. I know others are getting them also. No other game be it by blizzard etc. am I having issues with. Just Diablo Immortal. The game quickly gets me back in but its ridiculous. I play on PC and know its open beta so , whats up?

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same here, I tried to repair install and create new acct from different server to isolate the issue it seems like the continue crashing of game is pretty imminent since its on open beta. i cant play my main for it always crashes ever since im in the new map.

Same issue as described, but occurs on Android. In the most absurd situation I’m being kicked before the instance (usually Westmarch) even loads.
It’s more and more severe, renders the game unplayable, even out of “rush hours”.

The issue this thread addresses needs to be FIXED now , not “in time”. These random disconnects not just in Westmarch but all over are ridiculous. I have seen nothing from Blizzard about this. Why should we play a game that is behaving in such a manner? Come on Blizz , fix this.

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