PC: Portals, Death, Etc

Portals/Interacting with NPC’s are now hard to do with an Xbox controller. When I die in a BG, we should not still accumulate damage upon resurrection! Rifts: when the boss shows up my mage ice crystal disappears…so, I expect my ice crystal timer to be reset so I can pull it up again. I tried do that new Immortal “BG” but it was not available…don’t know if it has a specific time but when I tried to do it the BG’s were going.

Lairs: Now that we have that four-person chest…you need to add additional programming that no one can proceed to the next floor or exit the dungeon until they participate in opening the chest(s). (of course, only in 4-person runs)

Fracture Plain: Well, congrats on excluding a lot of players. Many, like myself, have played Diablo for a long time and have our spell favorites. Forcing people to use predetermined spells is ridiculous and is not something I will do. So congrats on another dysfunctional play style!! How about adding additional legendaries for regular play so we have some options (e.g. Mages are missing some off-hands that could make it better to play–stop it already with ice-armor…geez).

Remove cooldown for vaults!

Hero’s Journey: What a cluster F#$k!! You guys do not keep totals for 2,3,4, etc. while we are playing and clearing the first one. Come on…why such stupidity when you obviously don’t do that on Diablo 3!!

Friendly Reminder: You still owe me two Blessings of the Worthy on Zoltun Kulle mage. You have been keeping me waiting a very long time so make sure you make them 5-star quality now!

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