PC: Please provide an option to Disable Minimap on Click!

This is fast pased Action RPG with mouse flying all over the screen - its VERY VERY VERY frequent that during a rapid battle I end up cliking on a the MiniMap, Inventory or the three Icon Menu above Inventory which opens the corresponing window BLOCKING OUT THE FULL COMBAT BEHIND WHILE YOU ARE BEING ATTACKED MANY TIMES DYING

Please please please for the love of god - DISABLE these widgets during combat or at least provide an option to disable them so each player can decide if they want them on or disable them during combat!!!

This is EXPECIALLY a big problem for Demon Hunters and Wizards who have to stay out of range and point and click on extreme sides of the UI HUD which accidently clicks on the MiniMap/Inventory/Dropdown boxes very frequently.
At the very least please provide an option to DISABLE Minimap>FullMap on click completely. Its a useless feature IMO and pressing M to bring up the map suffices. This accidental click on the large minimap is very very frustrating for a pointless mechanic to open up a full map when M suffices and its sufficent


I only hope that when the data’s analyzed, a weakness can be found

Let me preface by saying I’ve alpha and beta tested many games over the years.

I can’t second this post enough. I’ve been meaning to make a detailed post about this specific issue since launch of the PC beta client, but since Sentinel1978 already made one, I’ll just add here.

The Minimap Frame, Hamburger Icon, Inventory Icon, Character Frame, Party Frame, and Quest Tracker should all be either click through, just like the elements in the bottom right and left side of the UI are (chat box and skills icons), or have the option in settings to disable interaction with them when clicked during combat.

This is a particularly troublesome oversight by the UI designers for ranged classes, as the OP stated, since this was by design, and is not a bug, like the keys locking up or getting stuck in auto-run or auto-nav while fighting.

Either make those elements automatically click through while in combat, or have the option in settings to disable interaction with those elements in the upper left and right of the screen while in combat. Since a character is unable to do other things while in combat, why make it so they can interact with these elements while in combat?

To give a specific example of where this tends to happen frequently is on the world boss Blood Rose encounter for range classes that tend to stay at the very edge of the upper left screen of the boss, which puts the target in the upper right hand corner at max distance, right where the Mini-map is, so it is going to get clicked on repeatedly, opening the full size map and blocking out everything. Not good!. When I’m playing one of my ranged characters, I naturally tend to position myself at max distance, when possible, where the target would be where the minimap is, so clicking on the minimap happens often, but if the target(s) are on the left side, I often end up unintentionally clicking the quest tracker, party icon or character icon, which are all on the left side and can still be interacted with while in combat. The mouse pointer already behaves erratically during combat when you’re using the wsad keys and trying to target using the mouse which just compounds the problem.

I would wager that more players click on those UI elements in the heat of battle by accident, rather than to actually use them for why they are there and their purpose when they are fighting. So this makes no sense at all to be able to interact with them while in combat.

The Mini-map, which only has two size settings under “Controls” are either small or large. Even set at small, takes up a sizable chunk of precious screen real estate as it is, even on a large 27" 2k or 4k monitor.

Add to this the Difficult Level warning that can pop up a little below the middle of the screen, if your in an area that is even a little above your level, and you have essentially a landmine field full of screen UI elements you have to avoid during battle with your mouse that will end up popping something that will block out most or all of your view during combat. Another item that needs to have a toggle to disable, if the player chooses.

I have quite a few other issues to post, but I will leave those for separate threads.


Well said, I play DH and find i click this all the time.

I agree. Maybe one solution would be to make things on the screen right click to activate. Left click should always land on the battle area while battling.

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