(PC) Mouse and keyboard = garbage

When I play on PC, I notice that the default attack function and the move function are bound to the same mouse button (left click). Even though in bindings it says that spacebar is move, when you left click you move as well. So when I try to shoot at enemies, my chars often runs the other way, and not firing at all, unless Im up close and hugging the enemy. That is not good for the demon hunter let me tell you :smiley:

I cant believe that this wasnt noticed in the beta? It’s a very basic mapping error. I need to have my shoot skill and my move skill bound to separate keys.


Yeah getting the same issue…

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The primary attack never works. The default mapping of Move, Primary attack bind 1, Primary attack bind 2 all equal each other even when you assign three different binds (a unique key/button for each). It doesn’t matter if you bind to mouse buttons or keyboard. Nothing causes the primary attack to fire - ever. All binds to Primary attack result in Move, not primary attack.

FYI: I use a Logitech MX Master 3 mouse.

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I have a somewhat similar issue.

When using Arcane wind, it forces me to walk in a certain direction, like auto-pathing (it always tries to take me to a certain place). It doesn’t matter what key i bind the ability to. So far it only seems to be for Arcane Wind, as I’m only level 6.

I have already turned off auto navigation to see if that would help…it does not. I also tried repairing the game.

There is also a rare occasion this doesn’t happen at all, but i don’t know why.

I hope they can figure this out quickly!!!

This makes Necromancer borderline unplayable, the class relies on positioning to use its skills while staying at range, it’s so dumb too when you have WASD movement all you need to do is add option to turn off on click (tap) movement
I understand that scripting two different types of clicks is hard for some lazy grifter pretending to be game dev, but this is beyond lazy, it’s complete negligence

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so use WASD for movement

Shift-click forces attack without movemnt.

mouse and keyboard keys appear to be frozen, character doesnt interact with enemies but can get health globes, however cannot attack and always when it happens there is a C with an X showing up, god knows what the heck that means… any date when this really annoying bug will be fixed, as this game as it is now is not playable… very frustraded!

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