PC Crashes While In DI game random times

My PC shuts down (cold shut down, all activity ceases, no lights requiring hard reset of PC) while in DI game. It has happened frequently over the last few days. I’ve updated all my software and drivers but it still crashes although today it has only crashed once where yesterday by this time it had crashed 4 times. Edit: Chaon was right. This may be the cause thanks. I cleaned all the fans and cooler fins etc, ran with the case open and have not crashed all day. Edit 2: Nope, I’ve crashed three times in the last hour. Got diags running and logging and no temp or memory events noted. Guess I’ll try Red Dead Redemption to see if it’s a stress issue for my pc or (more likely) this DI game. Edit 3: Again, Chaon was right - PC issue caused crashes on D3, then to rule out the Blizz Launcher, Steam’s Witcher. Suspect bad data storage drive based on ePSA testing failure. Thanks all for your interest. This’ll be the last update.

Sounds like you have a serious hardware problem with your PC.

Look at dust causing overheating requiring your PC to shutdown to prevent overheating.

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Update: I’ve uninstalled the battlenet app and DI, cleared out all cache and temp files, reinstalled both and still get the crash. The PC doesn’t crash any other time except while playing DI. I tried playing D3 for an hour with no problems. I’ll try D3 some more tomorrow and follow up with an update then.

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