PC Crash on Vault - still not fixed

This is the continuation of the thread “PC Crash on Vault”, because this thread will be closed in a few hours…
This bug was ignored by Blizzard until now and still exists


Confirmed. 23:30 server time, and PC client crashes just before zone is fully loaded. This has been happening all day. (May 25)

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Ive been crashing in the vault for about a month now. It stopped for about a week, then started up again with the more recent update. Today, I just crashed on 2nd floor which isn’t so bad, but seems random. I cant see spending any more money on Blizzard games until there is even an acknowledgment of the problem.


I tested this on 2 different PC’s one with an intel processor and an NVIDIA graphics card and one with an AMD Processor with a Radeon graphics card.

in both cases the game crashed 100% of the time at the end of the first floor never at the end of the second floor and 50% of the time at the end of the third floor.

this behavior is easily repeatable simply enter a vault raid as a shadow and play through.

this behavior is unique to the PC and is not repeatable on any phone I have tried.

please address this soon as it is extremely frustrating.


Using a PC for Diablo Immortal. Vault is worse than ever. Now it crashes (disconnects me for some update nonsense) leaving 1st floor and 3rd floor every time. On any type of character. It’s worse now when the new major update downloaded. It’s getting old. Makes me feel like a fool for my investment so far.


same issue, crashes consistently on 2nd floor and 4th floor, even if you exit vault after 3rd floor, still crashing.

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Supporting this thread since the other will be deleted. I’ve stopped playing the game until they decide to fix these issues. Its ridiculous.

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Same. I’m maybe 50-50 on crashing every time I go to floors 2, 4, and exit the vault. Really sucks as I can’t join any pvp vault team.


For awhile I thought the bug had been partially fixed, but since the last update, I’m back to crashing when going from floor 1 to 2, and any form of exit on 3. Same Windows Event log:
Faulting application name: DiabloImmortal.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x64300f4a
Faulting module name: CrashHunter_PC3.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x5e58d922
Exception code: 0xc0000409
Fault offset: 0x000000000016987b
Faulting process id: 0x11cc
Faulting application start time: 0x01d98f2606c9001b
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo Immortal\Engine\Binaries\Win64\DiabloImmortal.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo Immortal\Engine\Binaries\Win64\CrashHunter_PC3.dll
Report Id: fccbc720-2793-464d-95a4-1fc3feba71fc
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:

Went through the motions of repairing, renaming the .dll and .exe files, clearing caches, and updating video drivers. Odd thing is, this time around 1 out of 3 characters doesn’t crash (Wizard). I can provide details on that char if anyone is interested.


Im having same issue. I submitted ticket and was told to post here. Fix it and start thinking compensation for crashing in vault to keep participation going for badges. Forcing us to participate in broken bits of the game is making the entire experience worthless


diablo immortal : Pc - entrar en el piso 2 y 4 de la cámara( requisito diario indispensable para el progreso en el juego) el juego se rompe y se cierra… aparte, los cofres que se abren no contabilizan en la progresion del objetivo del clan. los fx de los legendarios tampoco hacen daño,yse bloquean las habilidades de las gemas legendarias…

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Same issue here. Please fix this Blizzard!!!


Status report from german server “Vizjerei”: as of today (Mo.) the vault crash seems to be fixed (again). Not sure if it was really fixed by Blizzard or simply due the yesterdays end of the cycle, we have new Immortals. Same thing happened before when the vault-crashes were “fixed” after a reign ended. No patches were installed today so far I am aware of. Hmm.

any chance this can be fixed soon? so annoying to play like this

Haven’t played in a week because of this, decided to test today and can confirm still crashed going to 2 and 4.

I stopped buying Diablo 4.

I have a same problem, i did 3 runs at vault today and lost 300k gold because of crushed game at the end.

I refunded my Diablo 4 order as well because of this. They don’t care about PC players.

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Vault crash still happening. 5/31

There seems to be a “kinda easy” fix.

We did some testing on multiple Servers, apparently the vault crash vanishes when a new reign starts.
We have no clue why and how, but the first 1-2 weeks of a new reign result in shadows not crashing in vault. So it seems to be somehow connected to either the level of the immortal reign or the stage the shadows are in.

Will try to test it further as soon, as one of my characters can experience a new reign again (help from others is appreciated)

If Blizzard/Netease can’t fix it, the only way right now seems to be for immortals to throw their reign at the first rite, which is stupid and goes against every kind of fair play…