PC Controller / Controls are now totally broken

Before this last Patch:

Controller Timeout would cause game to no longer see controller after the controller timeout out, user reconnected controller. Forcing user to restart game.

Once game closed after initial launch the game will no longer launch. It seems this is somehow related to controllers / HID devices on the PC. Full PC restart required for game launch.

After Most recent patch:

Add to the previous issues that now the controller action button (button “A” on Xbox type controllers) is now constantly flashing forcing you to spam the A button to interact with your environment. This is obviously related to the “Mouse improvements” that were just released.

I would Suggest that you fix existing issues in related categories instead of “improving” elements.

Overall PC controls are now broken to the point that players no longer want to put up with it. (Not playing).


Told ya Blizzard, common sense would dictate to fix your current problems before integrating more content!!!

I came here to post this new issue: “Add to the previous issues that now the controller action button (button “A” on Xbox type controllers) is now constantly flashing forcing you to spam the A button to interact with your environment.” but it looks like someone already did.

Correcting my previous post: Controller support is BROKEN. I can’t interact at all. I’m using the mouse now.

Please fix ASAP.

i found out tht when u press Enter to activate chat, the interact button works as expected…
using a x360 controller
but if chat is “deactivated” it keeps blinking…

I have the same issue with the controller’s “A” button constantly flashing on\off while close to something you can interact with. I have to press like 8 times before it registers the button press… Just started with this new patch.

The “interact” icon toggles constantly. Almost like it’s active, then not active at an extremely rapid pace. I believe it’s related to using a controller (I use a PS5 controller). The issue does not exist when using a KB + M, nor does it exist when I play it on my iPhone. The issue did not exist prior to this morning’s update, 8/16. I’ve uninstalled all related drivers and firmware on my controller and reinstalled them even though they were already up to date, and it did not affect the issue in a positive or negative way; the same issue occurs. The issue is not intermittent; it consistently flashes anytime the “interact” icon is displayed.

Since I use a PS5 controller, this button is the “X” button on my controller

Confirming same issue with the interact icon flashing repeatedly. Not only is it a massive distraction, but when it flashes off, it doesn’t accept the input, so you literally have to spam the interact button to get it to actually work.

Was this even tested, or did you just push it live without even confirming?

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Yes, i too am getting the same issue with the A button and the blinking icon - it’s a nightmare actually clicking A, you have to mash the button so many times.

I am using a Dualsense controller and have interact mapped to the square button in game and am having the same issue where the interact icon flashes on screen and it takes multiple presses to register. I can also confirm, pressing enter to open the chat makes the button register correctly.

I too have this issue. Not sure if it’s related to the portal animation but I only see the casting bar and everything in the background is a complete blur.

Confirming same issue with Xbox Elite controller on Windows 11. Full uninstall/reinstall and bug persists.


PC Client Version:
Open Beta

X-Box style controllers do not function properly even after latest patch.

When attempt to interact with interactable objects (chests, backpacks, npcs, shrines, etc…) the symbol for the A key blinks repeatedly and I literally have to spam the button hoping to hit the key at exactly the right time it can be hit. I have 2 X-box controllers and they both have this issue.

I run Driver Easy and have all the latest patches for all of my PC drivers.
Also, the attack button (B) sometimes does nothing when you press it. Attacking enemies by holding it down suddenly stops and does nothing (while the character continues to be attacked). This is sometimes difficult to notice due to the number of enemies and has lead to many character deaths. Particularly frustrating in any PvP or challenge rift situation.

There is also a noticeable lag in response from the x-box controller as well.

Same issue. Makes the game unplayable if using a controller on a PC.

Okay, I have tried a LOT of things to get this working. I have tried my PS5 controller, my XBOX wired controller from 10 years ago, and my XBOX elite controller and all of them had the issue where I couldn’t interact with anything or use the main attack button. Sometimes nothing would work at all, and I had to use xpadder to get the buttons to remap. I got tired of that because it didn’t help me with the (A) button for (interact) and the game never actually recognised my controller as being there. It just remapped the controller to substitute keys that couldn’t be assigned.

So, I did some digging, and a friend of mine suggested using the program DS4windows for my PlayStation controller. Plugged it in instead of using Bluetooth (honestly haven’t tried wireless since) and BAM complete recognition of my controller in Diablo Immortal. I haven’t had a problem since with the game recognising that I have a controller plugged in.

Onward to fixing the xbox controller (because crap, if the PS4 could work, why wasn’t my xbox elite?! (ie: everything but the B and A keys would work, which made using it useless)

Thanks to some research on reddit (thank you to the person who posted this suggestion, I have lost the link and cannot credit them properly) I used the program ReWASD to convince windows my Xbox elite controller was emulating a DualShock PS controller and now the other program (DS4Windows) maps it out perfectly so Diablo Immortal both recognises and uses all the buttons as controllers were intended.

Phew. This is what it took to get my controllers to work in Diablo Immortal. It may not work for you, but it worked for me. It’s a little sad that I have to use 3rd party software to trigger in-game supposedly native support for my controller, but I call it a win that I can now play using the controller at all.

I hope this helps someone because I was going mad having to play on the keyboard and mouse with a perfectly good controller staring me in the face.

Raven, that post has absolutely nothing to do with the conversation here. It was a bug that existed after the patch that was fixed the next day.

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