PC client crashes in Vault

After this week’s update, PC client crashes a lot. I can stand with most of the crashes but can you fix the Vault one?

Every time it crashes on the 2nd floor and 4th floor with no exception. Especially on the 4th floor, when I log back in, I was dead already.

Repair client, delete/reinstall the game, I tried both, but nothing works. Please fix it as soon as possible and this deserves a compensation since I lost resources in Vault.


I am experiencing this same issue. However, it is not only on the 2nd and 4th vault floor but each time I reach the vault level’s end and am about to load into the next floor, the game freezes then crashes and shuts down. When I reload, I am sometimes back in vault dead or am booted out into Court of Whispers.

My PC exceeds all system requirements and this has never been an issue before the latest update (2023-Apr-26). I have been playing DI since launch. Please fix this issue ASAP, as I am missing out on all vault rewards.


I am also experiencing this issue. Always at the change of 1st and 3rd floor. It’s getting very annoying.

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always 2nd and 4th floor for me. not even fun anymore.


Same for me on levels 2 and 4. It’s been a few days and they still haven’t done anything about it. It was fine, I never crashed the game, they did brilliant fixes on April 25th and…

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Same issue for me as well. Always going from Floor 1 → 2 and Floor 3 → 4, game will freeze for about 2 seconds and total crash.

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Same issue. First vault after patch, I crashed on moving from floor 1 to 2, then again from 3 to 4.
Every vault since I’ve crashed on moving from floor 1 to 2, then I’ve relogged on my phone to finish the vault, because crashing from 3 to 4 ruins a whole group’s experience.
[This needs fixing]

Same issue in the vault on PC. I demand to Blizzard gold on incuses for the items I loosed by fault of these crashes…

I started experiencing the same issue Today - Monday 5/1. Last week after the patch I could still vault on my PC without any issues. Today I attempted 2 vaults on my PC. First vault I crashed trying to zone from Floor 1 to Floor 2. Logged back in and then crashed again from Floor 3 to Floor 4. Someone in chat mentioned updating my video drivers. Even though they had been recently updated, there was a new update waiting, so I installed it. Attempted my 2nd vault and again crashed zoning from floor 1 to floor 2. After that I reconnected with my iPhone and finished the vault without a crash and played a 3rd vault, also without a crash.

I am able to zone from one area to another in the Open World just fine so far. It only seemed to affect me while in Vaults.


I’m having the same issues changing from 1st to 2nd floor the game crashed then once I re-connected I spawned in floor 2 and in the same game when trying to leave the vault via Portal on floor 3 the game crashed again. No errror messages at all.

Similar crashes happen in the cursed towers randomly resulting in taht I sometimes can deliver my collected shards and sometimes the shards are completely gone.

Same issue for me as well. Always going from Floor 1 → 2 and Floor 3 → 4, game will freeze for about 2 seconds and total crash.

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Hey everyone,

Thank you all for reporting this, and apologies for the disruption these crashes have caused. The devs are aware of the issue and they’re working on a fix. While we don’t have an immediate update or fix that we’re aware of, we’ll post any updates here as they become available.


More of the same, vault disconnecting in change-over on floors 2 and 4. However, the last one gave me a blank screen that I was able to unstuck but it seemed to take a lot longer to reconnect.

Thanks for working on this issue. It is a hard enough challenge doing the vaults let alone trying to adapt to the suprise of popping into a battle. :smiley:

I started discussing this in #ClanChat, and later in #Shadows.
It seems everyone on my server that is affected by this is a Crusader.

Is there anyone being affected by this that is NOT a crusader?

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As a Necro who switched to Wizard i can say that those 2 classes are also affected by that

Interesting occurrence this weekend.
I have one PC, fairly high spec (i9-9900X, RTX-3070ti, 64GB RAM), which has not had the crashing issue. But due to where it is, and the times of vault, I don’t actually get to run Vault on it very often.
It ran Vaults fine Friday & Saturday.
However, on the 3rd Vault run Sunday, the game crashed coming out of Vault.
On the next Vault it crashed going to floor 2, then going to floor 4 - like my daily driver does.
But, it hasn’t crashed since.

Load times of the game also decreased significantly after this.
It has been my experience the game takes forever to load on any PC with a high-end video card. Now, this PC will load the game in about 10 seconds.

This problem has not been resolved as my PC on the vault keep on crashing and pissing off a lot of other players. I hope this can be fixed soon

As of today (Monday), all PCs I have had access to no longer crash in vault.
I’ve personally tested 3 on both the 12PM & 7PM vaults with no crashes.

I’ve also asked most players in my clan that were experiencing crashes, and they have not crashed today.

I play Barbarian. I crashed on 1 of my 5 Vaults yesterday when changing floors, and once when exiting (not the same run).

As of Tuesday I still see people crahing on PC. but it’s gotten definitely rarer.
Out of my 4 runs i crashed on 2, and didn’t the other 2, but 2 of my team crashed on the last run.