Pay us? but you get nothing

I recently purchase a character boost. After boosting I cannot log into that character. I can freely log into any of my other characters. I have tried every known work around or tech fix with no success. I have an open ticket that simpathizes with my dilemna but offers no ETA or other response. Its been almost a week and i’ve paid for a service and KINDA got what I paid for but not really . Can see my char on screen at lvl 60 just cant use it. Just a pretty bunch of pixels at this point. I have asked to have the boost reversed with no response. Usually blizz is pretty good about refunding or reversing or even restoring stuff as has been my experience in the past. I would just make another lock and boost but worried about losing class mount, fel flame quest, and various mogs associated with it. Not to mention losing out on my initial xfer and boost cost. Any suggestions?? signed…lost on demon soul

Sorry to hear about your issue… Good luck with getting any support from Blizzard. Let me know if you actually get anything resolved.