Patch notes discrepency for 03Jan2023

Welcome to the new year with new mistakes. Chinese patch notes read

  1. 修复了召唤物无法触发传奇宝石‘腐蚀之源’腐蚀效果的问题。

  2. 修复了召唤物无法享受传奇宝石‘石像鬼魂石’石化后增伤的问题。

which translates to “fixed the bug of summons can’t trigger seeping bile and chip of stoned flesh” but the english patch notes read chipped of stoned flesh and Everlasting Torment:

Since we know summons CAN trigger everlasting torment but not seeping bile, guess not only do we know who is wrong, we also know who doesn’t play D.I too. Cheerios.