Patch 1.15 ideas & New ladder?

Grettings D2 adventures and Dev team.

I know you celebrating 20 years of Diablo2 soon, and would be nice new ladder seasons to start with, and some new Runewords to make fresh ladder.

If you create something new, would keep in mind that it would be fun if there are more areas in act 4 that you could develop or add?

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This is really great idea!

dont think new runewords would be a good idea thats like adding new units into warcraft 3 refunded

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remove enigma, and add enable hostile checkbox when making games.
Time Trials - add timer for each act, have to make it through each act in certain X time, drops are greatley increased, char/items disapear when leave time trial. (have to join back to game within x time)

Daft idea, remove enigma and lose 75% of the remaining players, everyone uses it.

Buff Enigma, replace Ith rune by Zod rune xD
Make it real top end item and Hammerdin more end game build.

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That’s like asking Ford to put spinner rims on a model T that’s just totally not gonna happen

Sir, you reek of diablo 3

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Improve the drop rates of lower and mid level unique and set items at normal and nightmare difficulties, that way we actually have a chance of finding these items at the start of a new character. The high tier item drop rates are fine, as they should be hard to find.

While the last rune drop buff was a vast improvement versus what it was, I don’t think it was enough. While I feel the last change to the rune drop ratios is mostly OK, I think the overall drop rates for runes is still too low and could use an overall boost of two to three times more often.

The gem requirement for cubing runes is annoying and should be removed.

These are very easy changes to implement and should at least be considered.

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One thing and one thing only with 1.15

All runewords available offline

  • Either nerf OP end game runewords or bring other item tiers on par.
  • Look at Bowazon vs Java. I play Bowa exclusivelty, but javas really are stronger
  • Buff up class sets like Mavinas (Bowa set)
  • introduce more Magic resistances (to slow down Hammerdins. They only got Act 2 summoner guys who are magic immune and some random skeletons).
  • Class should have a spec that is significantly more OP than other options
    – Bowa vs Java
    – Windy vs Feral
    – Hammer&Smite vs Zeal
    – Trapsin/Kick vs other melee spec
    – Druid windy vs summon tree

Basically, just a balance patch. Massive one.