Patch 10.0.2 - Patch Notes - 2022-11-17

Greetings, developers!

We are excited to announce that we have released an update to the World of Warcraft Game Data and Profile APIs that includes several new endpoints. These endpoints are currently available for World of Warcraft; they are not available for Classic versions (WoW Era and Wrath of the Lich King).

Game Data API

Talent trees:


The auction house endpoint delivered with patch 9.2.7 also recently received a documentation update on commodities, so wanted to ensure users are aware of its availability.

Profile API

Character Specializations Summary

While this is a pre-existing endpoint, it has been updated to return talent loadout data
for all character specializations.

These endpoints are available in the static-{region} and profile-{region} namespaces respectively. See the World of Warcraft Namespaces Documentation for more information.

To explore these endpoints further, check out our official API Reference documentation on the Developer Portal, located here: WoW Game Data API Reference and WoW Profile API Reference.

Finally, a word of apology! This came in late and should have landed during pre-patch initial launch. Things weren’t quite ready then and some hotfixes were needed to get us to today’s update.

We hope it was worth the wait. Thanks for hanging in there.

Happy coding! :slight_smile:


The new talent data is super useful. However, the data is incomplete and can’t be used to generate talent tree export codes for every spec (if you aren’t getting it from the armory, but another source like a tree builder or a log).

The reason for this some class/spec trees have unused/unreachable nodes listed by the in-game C_Traits.GetTreeNodes(treeId) method but not listed in this API. However, you need to know that those nodes exist in order to properly encode an export code.

The specific case that I know of is node 90912 for Demon Hunters. This is included in the GetTreeNodes API call used in-game to process talent export codes, but missing in this dump because it has no node info attached. To correctly encode a Demon Hunter talent build, you have to include a 0 representing this node in the bit encoding of the talent export code—but with the current data on the API you won’t know that this talent even exists.

(Also note: removing this node from the in-game API call would break all existing Demon Hunter export codes :slight_smile:)