Paragon , battleground , dungeons and drop rates

Hi , I’ve been playing the game for awhile hated the server paragon system and drop rates , the battleground could do better

Server paragon system the Exp decrease for high level is annoying my server stuck on level 20 - 24 for couple days so i get 40% of the exp not even battle pass full exp reward 973k for every event or daily activity I get 40% of that exp which is unfair

Battleground is boring and take long time i wish if there is world pvp or 1v1 pvp in the game

Dungeons hell 2 + need full party my server almost empty hell 2 + I can’t find full party for every dungeon I need if there is solo or duo that will be fun I don’t mind playing it on hard solo

Drop rates in dungeon too low i ran Mad King breach today 20 times didn’t get set item or legendary item I wish there is pity system for guaranteed piece , on the other hand in world maps the ancient drops too high which i like

Make some chances for f2p players put at least 1 monthly event for legendary crests it’s unobtainable as f2p

Mouse cursor almost invisible wish there is cursor changer in the game to another color or different size

Invites i get too many random invites so we need something to turn off invites it’s annoying can’t play when i get spammed

other than that i do like the game it’s fun :smiley: put there is too many missing things like Combat rating and level leader board some fun time limited events ( not daily event or world event that is boring to repeat )