OW2 store prices an honest discussion

Everyone knows that currently it’s about 20 dollars USD for a skin and 10 bucks for the battle pass.

I am someone who got the battle pass and already finished 100 levels without buying any tiers (genji mythic is dope and was under 10 bucks). There are a lot of skins that I want to buy (junkerqueen executioner) but simply can’t bring myself to do it at that price point.

Blizzard you guys are the ones who established a price point of $40 for an entire game 6 years ago AND you established the price of genji mythic to be included in a 10 dollar battlepass.

I know this is all just driven by revenue and the data won’t be public but I can’t imagine lots of people buying at that price point for the stuff in shop. Put the prices as follows and I’ll start buying. Please note I’m a 30 year old adult with a 100k annual income so don’t think I’m some kid without a job.

-sprays, voicelines, souveigners - 1 dollars = 100 coins
-highlight inros, weapon charms - 2 dollars = 200 coins
-emotes - 3 dollars = 300 coins (epic level)
-common skin = 100 coins = 1 dollar
-blue skin = 250 coins = 2.50 dollars
-epic skin = 400 coins = 4 dollars
-legendary skin = 550 coins = 5.50 dollars

I would have already bought all the new halloween skins if prices were like this. Also make it to where we can buy the items from bundles individually ala-cart style. Make it cost 20% more coins if you must

Bump weekly coins earned from 60 to 125.

I think this would actually increase revenue and lead to a more healthy long term player base as people will actually feel like there is SOME free2play progression and store prices that actually make sense.