[OW2 Beta] The scoreboard is a big improvement

The scoreboard, lack of medals, and portrait borders are a big improvement when it comes to legitimate toxicity, so far…

In OW1 if someone had gold medals, even though the team was being put through the ringer due to bad matchmaking, throwers, etc., they could have a false sense of accomplishment. This can incentivize bad playstyle habits and not teamwork.

The scoreboard now gives you transparency of how you’re doing compared to everyone else at a glance, and in a properly matched game this can provide valuable feedback to whether or not you should continue what you’re doing or switch. The voice lines when you respawn could probably help with this decision after you die too much, as I think they already are? (Lucio: “I guess I should switch it up.” or something that effect")

I’m not saying this can’t lead to toxic behavior (Which you can mute and turn off as a reminder), but it’s better for someone to be toxic to their teammates rightfully so, than to be toxic to someone by assuming how they did, when the difference could have been off by 1-3 points… (Please be a good human)

The portraits, especially for those with diamond/max borders, were always easy targets for being grilled for not carrying the game. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard “You’re diamond border and still in [enter comp rank here]… (in QP)”

It would be nice to see damage boosting and blocking data… Although, I guess these could be lumped in as “assist” numbers? I notice a lot of Reinhardt and other shield players think that doing 20k worth of blocking equals that they did great in the game, and it could very well be, but in most cases, it just means the they held their shield up constantly when they didn’t need to, DPS didn’t take out anything, and the game was just prolonged to far too long.