Overwatch won't load certain maps or skins

So for about 3-4 months I’ve been having an issue whenever I queue into certain maps. I can’t load the Practice Range, Havana, or Dorado. The game just keeps me at the loading screen until I’m ultimately kicked from the match for inactivity.

I’ve tried reinstalling both the client and the game. Nothing has fixed it.

On top of the maps not loading I’ve noticed a few skins not loading as well. They will be completely white like there is no shader or color pallette.

And the last issue plaguing me is the random framerate drops I encounter mid game. I will be at 200 fps and then it drops to like 10 sporadically every once in a while.

I listed all of these issues together because I’m not sure if they are somehow related.

Wrong forum…

This forum is for technical support on the Blizzard Classic (ie, legacy) Games, such as Diablo II (2000).

For Overwatch, use the forums here:

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