Overwatch will not download

So, I have been trying to download Overwatch for a new pc I currently switched to. I downloaded battle.net, then started to download Overwatch. The first time it had downloaded. I played overwatch without a problem for about 1 month - 2 weeks. A little update came and I tried updating and it would be stuck on waiting on another update. I tried every possible way to correct this. I had given up and decided to reinstall Overwatch. After deleting, the battle.net started to say it went to sleep. I tried deleting the cache folder multiple times, but it would say update instead install. I tried reinstalling battle.net. This however worked, I got in the launcher the first time. I started download, but the bar would be stuck on waiting and then suddenly it would disappear and then the install button would be back. I press install again it would not allow me to install. So, I relaunch the battle. net ,but then it goes back to sleep. I’m in this endless cycle of hell which makes it so I can’t download the game. Please help and thanks in advance!

What error do you get?

When the Blizzard Agent goes to sleep I get the BLZBNTBNA00000005 error. When the game doesn’t download the second time it gives a pop up saying “something crashed, try restarting battle .net or restarting the pc”. When the waiting bar changes back to the install button there is no error message that comes up. I’m not really sure if I can fix this or not because I have tried all the solutions available multiple times, even resetting my entire pc to see if that would fix it did not.

You may very well have some patching issue with the Battle.net app itself, I recommend uninstalling/reinstalling the Battle.net app fresh from the web.

I have reinstalled the battle.net app and I am currently downloading Overwatch, but it is on “waiting” like I said on the first post. I will update this reply when something good or bad happens. Thank you DeadlyPants for helping me with this issue!

Again the “waiting” bar changed back to the install button and I know from past experience that if I try to install again it won’t work. What should I do now?

As a hail mary, shut everything down and uninstall the Battle.net app. Then go and try deleting your agent folder here: C:\ProgramData\Battle.net\Agent sometimes some files are left behind when uninstalling.

…then reinstall the battle.net app.

Hey there,

Based on everything you’ve tried so far unsuccesfully, the most likely cause is another program (usually security) fighting us for control of data on your hardware. Try temporarily uninstalling any third party security you’re running, and try patching from a new admin account if that fails.

DeadlyPants, sadly reinstalling isn’t working currently. The battle. net agent is sleeping and I can’t seem to get it to work.

Drakuloth, I have not yet tried the method you have you recommended. I will try it and edit the reply.

Thank you both of you for helping with this issue!

I have given up. The blizzard agent is sleeping and even when logging into another administrator account the blizzard agent keeps sleeping. I don’t think I can fix this problem. Thank you for trying to help this problem!


If even that fails, it usually means there’s something deeper going on with your PC. If you want to get more rapid one on one help with this in the future, I’d open a ticket and submit your MSInfo and DXDiag files. We may be able to find more information with the MSInfo, like a Windows problem or virus preventing the app from working properly. Keep in mind that if we do find a Windows issue, we’re not Microsoft techs so we can only do so much to help with that, but we’re happy to at least point you in the right direction to get help even if we can’t help with what we find.

The blizzard agent itself isn’t going to sleep. I don’t know if blizzard has fixed this or something just updated on my pc. The only problem left now is that whenever I start to install the game, Overwatch, it is stuck on waiting for about 20-40 mins and then suddenly it stops installing and the button that says install comes back.
I hope someone knows how to fix this problem and can help. Much appreciation for the help Drakuloth and DeadlyPants!!!

Heya ǂǺŴPǂ,

Sorry for the delay, I was on weekend. As earlier mentioned, I do recommend that you submit a ticket and link this thread. If you do this it should make it easier for us to find the problem. I suspect that whatever caused your “Agent went to sleep” error and this new error is the same thing. To figure out something that is this complicated, we need files that we don’t want to gather over the forums - for privacy reasons.

Drakuloth sorry for not responding quickly. I don’t really know how to submit and put in the files. Could you write a step to step direction in how to submit a ticket.

I will give it a try myself but im not sure if it will work


Looks like you got your ticket submitted. Please continue working with Customer Support on this issue. They’ll try to get you fixed up!

if you have an the game installed on an external hard drive that isn’t unplugged alot (From your PC) then unplug it and plug it back in and see if that works… i took a whole hour doing blizzards solutions and this one thing is all the problem was LOL