Overwatch Watchpoint Pack

I bought the Overwatch Watchpoint Pack on a ps5. It said it came with Overwatch Legendary Edition but the game is no where to be found. I did previously buy the Overwatch trial but when I enter the trial, it tells me to buy a different version of Overwatch that the store does not even offer. What do I do?


This forum is for technical support on the Classic (ie, legacy) Games, such as Diablo II (2000).

This is the wrong forum for Overwatch… and purchase problems.

You should note that some content will only be available once Overwatch 2 launches… the Blizzard Shop here says:

Overwatch® 2 in-game items and content will be awarded to players that have purchased Overwatch® 2 Watchpoint Pack when Overwatch® 2 is launched. Date of Overwatch® 2 launch timing subject to change. Overwatch® will be replaced by Overwatch® 2 when Overwatch® 2 is launched. Overwatch® in-game items from Overwatch®: Legendary Edition will be usable in Overwatch® 2. Season 1 Battle Pass applies to Season 1 only and will not award access to any future Battle Pass or seasonal/live content.

If you think you are missing items, you will need to contact your “merchant”… the PlayStation store perhaps or the Blizzard Shop if you bought your game there. If you bought it from the Shop, use the Live Chat if it is available.

Finally, you should note that the Overwatch forums are located here:

Purchase issues cannot be resolved on forums… but knowing where the Overwatch forums are might be useful to you later…

Best of luck in your games !