Overwatch Keeps Refunding


I recently bought Overwatch, at first I played it for a few hours and then got off, the next day my account is locked and I was confused. I looked at my account and realized not only was my payment option deleted but all of my billing history was as well, not even showing Overwatch, there was also an email stating “Digital Purchase Failed”. I freaked out and checked the Paypal it was bought on, however, no money was retracted from the account. I read up that this may just be a one time problem so I simply re-bought the game and played it for a few days with absolutely no problem. However, today, it happened again, the exact same thing happened, and now I am really pissed, I just want to play with my friends on this game but there is no way I am playing if my game is constantly re-funded and I am forced to buy it again, I know it doesn’t take that much time but it is just so overly inconvenient. Is there any fix to this? any at all? because I just want to play the game.