Overwatch is busted in lower SR Teirs

I cant be the only person that logs in trying to play competitive and gets stuck with nothing but consistent Throwers and smurfs. In Overwatch 2 there needs to be a bad actors pool so they can all get together on their 3rd and 4th accounts and play together and not ruin the experience for the rest of us filthy casuals that belong in the SR range that they are in. I don’t mind losing a game because the other team played better, but its extremely frustrating to lose because there’s a plat player on the other team or you have a player that waits just long enough that you’re stuck in that match till its over or you can leave the match for a 50 SR after waiting 2 mins. with a 3 person avoid as teammate pool that rests after 7 days you cant help but get stuck playing with these individuals. if it meant that adding more to that list were to increases que time I would much prefer that then getting stuck in the constant SR plummet because there is so much toxicity in the player base