Overwatch 2 Steam Ultimate Invasion Bundle not working

I purchased the Ultimate bundle for season 6 on steam and it appears in my DLCs section but is not acquired in-game. I’ve tried restarting multiple times and still nothing.


Same here, still haven’t received anything on Steam, my accounts are connected

Blizzard is an Indie Company I wonder how long until I’ll get it. Same Issue.

Same on my side, steam shows the bundle but in game its locked

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Same exact issue, opened a ticket about it

Same issue, it has been around 2-3 hours since I purchased on Steam and I have restarted my game multiple times as well as verifying file integrity. Hope an update is posted soon.

Same for me also let’s hope they fix it soon

same U_U hope they will fix it asap

i have also had to open a ticket with this issue. it sure is odd how this is even an issue, you would think that this would be a thing they tested thoroughly. but in typical blizzard fashion, it didnt happen…

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Can we get a Steam release of Heroes Of The Storm?

I have the same thing, been a bit of time now and still no response from my ticket on either steam or battlenet.

Yeah I’m having the same problem. I can’t believe that this is such a wide scale issue.

It won’t let me purchase it, it says not available. It also won’t let me get the bundle.

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Been 5 hours since I bought it with no resolution. Now the pve is delayed even more!

u/crawleycreative on reddit posted a user workaround in r/Overwatch, but of course the Blizzard forum won’t let me share an external link. I tried crawleycreative’s fix and it worked for me, posting it here (wish I could just link it):

PROBLEM: I installed OW2 on Steam and purchased the standard Incasion bundle as DLC on Steam, but when I launched the game I did not have access to the story missions nor an extra 1000 OW coins.

THE FIX: (1) Launch the game from Battle.net launcher like you always have up until today. (2) Close the game. (3) Launch the game from Steam. (4) Profit. (Your 1000 coins should be available in the shop and the first story mission should be available in the Missions tab.)


confirm solution, open battlenet version, close and open steam version and fix

The same here… I’ve been playing since 2016, never a issue, but since yesterday it’s impossible. It freezes in my menu, IF I can get there