Overwatch 2 phone number

If you can please get a refund, in all honesty I do not think they will change this.


Are you for real Blizzard? A phone number require to play Overwatch 2?? FFS!!! FIX THIS SHIET!


yeah im not playing this until they left the phone number requirement, they dont need my number, and im not giving them anything they dont need.


I’m using a pre-paid phone plan too. My pre-paid phone number never changed over 10 YEARS!!! There is no reason to restricted to post-paid number.

Blizzard must revise this policy. I’m gonna leave this game after spending 4 years in this game.


This practice is insane and crazy that this studio wants to assume every one has an active plan phone plan but no one uses prepaid plans


So I have 2 phone numbers one of which I’ve had 10+ years and another one registered last year, both are post-paid. Neither of them worked. What is the problem?

It’s like I can still hear the Diablo Immortal guy saying “Do you guys not have phones?”


Additional Info:
I’m in the SEA region (which used to be part of NA server for some reason). When I tried to put in the phone number it shows +1 in the region code and I can’t change it. Do I need to switch region or something? Is there even an SEA region now?

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Same here. I have a regular phone with a regular plan but it says I can’t register because its a pre-paid phone. This is after I paid $44 for the Overwatch 1. What an awful policy and rollout. There are going to be lawsuits if they don’t get their act together ASAP.


I think it will be a matter of time before they fix this issue. Most likely the people behind this decision were focused on other less important things and never thought about the majority of people who owned the original overwatch game. I wonder if they set themselves up for a big class action lawsuit, I wouldn’t mind getting my money back and buying a different game.

The most frustrating thing is that I have a phone and I can’t even add it to my account. The phone is not even prepaid or VOIP.

I really hope Blizzard address this problem like they usually do and fix it soon. I just want to play with my family.


I just get why it isn’t all phones man. I wouldn’t be so pissy I could just play my game (which I spent a crap load on). If it came down to a lawsuit so be it honestly, I’d rather play the game, but apparently that isn’t gonna happen.


I just don’t* get why

I’ve had my battle.net account for 20 years but I’m currently living outside the US. It does not allow me to use my current phone number to verify. So I can’t play the original game I paid for and now I can’t play the game that replaced it. Does Blizzard expect me to pay for a US phone plan just to play? Why should I ever purchase another thing from Blizzard if this how I’m treated as a customer.

FFS, I’d rather buy a game than continue to deal with F2P bullsh*t.


Same here…
Also just got one phone number since about 20 years and can’t add it because it says, that it’s linked to another account already.

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I think you can actually get a ticket for that, if it isn’t pre-paid that is.

unbelievably that i can not play a game i paid for. This is just dumb. Blizzard screwing everything as always.


quit Blizzard, quit Microsoft.

Agree they dont need it. But i guess i do :kissing_smiling_eyes: If we ever being able to Play Overwatch2 i probably will need your number Alinea. So i can call you from my “Prepaid Phone” as your private peronal Level 3 Supreme Authenticator :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Hit me Up for some extra safety!

I can’t play this game cause I don’t have the right carrier. I use Cricket and since Cricket is considered pre-paid, I just can’t play. I’m not swapping carriers just to give this game a try. Guess I just gotta stick to Paladins… but really this is the worst anti-cheat I’ve ever seen.


Does anyone know if this was on more of Microsoft’s or Blizzards side for implementing the SMS segregation of preventing people with pre-paid numbers access to a game they invested in?? (I think it was more Actvi-Blizz?) since this issue seems to have risen sometime with Warzone.

I don’t play Warzone and am an Overwatch player so I think like myself, many others were unaware of these issues because we dont play Warzone and presented us the information until right before OW2 launched…

This has been a nightmare for so many people. I’ve been supporting Blizzard since the 90’s and am not allowed to play OW a game I love because I have a phone plan with Cricket Wireless, even though I have a family plan with an active phone number.

For me this is a make or break situation for future support, please do right by your community, or this wont be beneficial long term.

I do thank you for the many years of Golden games, but the road ahead down your current path is a Dark one, please come back to the Light, any Paladins out there?

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Which kids are allowed a phone plan? We need to be over 18 with employment to get a phone plan. Only way is to illegally use parents phone numbers or someone elses. Did Blizzard think through this before deploying excluding prepaid phone numbers. Blizzard are encouraging kids to illegally use phone numbers that do not belong to them. Blizzard is responsible for encouraging this behaviour