Overwatch 2 keeps crashing on startup

I can’t even open the game it has this code


This forum is for technical support on Blizzard’s Classic (legacy) games, such as Diablo II: LoD.

For Overwatch and Overwatch 2 Beta, please use the Overwatch forums here:



This « code » is the number for your crash in the Support Data System… that system contains additional data on your crash and can sometimes be used by Support to diagnose the issue. The code as such does not mean anything particular, it’s only a number.

Please note that Beta versions are generally unsupported and I do not know whether Support will be able to help you (support is normally limited to the “Live” versions of the games).

So, you should create and provide a copy of your DxDiag report in your post; it should be possible for you to upload the DxDiag report to PasteBin and provide a link in your post. If you get an error that you cannot post a link, highlight the link in your post and click on the </> button on the formatting bar at the top of the composition window.

Best of luck with this.