Overwatch 2 Bug

I have had a bug that has FROZEN my game on overwatch 2 THREE TIMES NOW
one at the start of the game resulting in a 15 minute ban
one at the middle of a game resulting in a loss and people reporting me
one at the start of a game AGAIN resulting in an hour long ban
this freeze is unsalvagable it doesnt come back to life somehow and if i try to tab out it fully breaks and hides itself like some little troll and then black screens preventing me from going to task manager to close it so i have to blindly close it with arrow keys
now im starting to wonder how many people that have frozen in place or simply left at the start of the game have had the same issue. ridiculous!
if this is the wrong forum then my bad name your forums properly


Welcome to the “Classic Games Tech Support” forum. The purpose of this forum is to provide technical support on Blizzard’s Classic Games — legacy games such as Diablo II (2000).

Overwatch has its own forums and you should be using those for your post; use the appropriate category here:

You should also review this post by Blizzard:

Good luck with this !