Over-watch Dev team abuse of power

I reported players for constantly jumping off the map at the start of the match forcing a 6v4, and I was suspended. How do I contact the over-watch person in charge in regards to their dev team’s abuse of power?

If it was determined you were abusing the reporting system to falsely report players, it will earn you a suspension.

The Devs do not hand out suspensions. The Moderation/Support team does. You do not contact the OW Development team. Blizzard is not “abusing power” to suspend people who violate the rules.

A few other things regarding the Forum Code of Conduct which you have broken a few times today.

  1. You created 4 posts on the same topic - Spamming.
  2. You created posts about account disciplinary actions. That not allowed on the forums.
  3. This particular forum is for the Deskptop Launcher that handles all the Blizzard games. Your posts are off topic.

The ONLY way to contact Blizzard about a suspension is to put in an appeal ticket.