Original D2 causing BSoD

I recently upgraded to windows 11. I re-installed D2 and D2:LoD. After installing my computer had two issues no matter what I was doing. Even just surfing the web. My computer would either lock up completely or I’d get the BSoD with the error clock_watchdog_timeout. I know the issue was related to D2 because I restored to a previous restore point before the game was installed and my computer problems are gone. Is it that D2 isn’t compatible with Windows 11, or is there another issue that will be fixed so I can eventually play the game I paid for?

There is word on the street to use compatibility mode, by right-clicking on the Diablo 2/LOD icon, selecting the Compatibility tab and choose an older operating system.

Thank you! I’ll try to figure out how to install it that way when I re-install it.