Options For Random Cosmetics (HOTS)

I never use forums, but I can’t find a way to provide feedback to the devs otherwise, so here’s hoping someone sees this.

I’ve been playing HOTS since the beta, and I’ve accumulated a lot of cosmetic items in that time. All I want at this point is an option in the character select screen to set characters skins, mounts, sprays, banners, etc. to “random” in the same way that these cosmetics are chosen for ARAM. An option like this seems like a simple way for me to engage with all the content that I own but never see or think about. Many of my friends who play the game agree with this sentiment. I also think it would be a great way to acknowledge the hard work that the game artists have put in over the years.

Again, I have no idea if this suggestion will reach anyone up top, but maybe if this post gains a little traction, someone will take note.

A fan since OG StarCraft