Option to disable launcher’s “Remain Offline?” Prompt

Same as this persons complaint

The prompt to go online with only an option to silence for 7 days is incredibly annoying and borderline illegal from a privacy law perspective.

Please give an option to fully disable this “feature”.


Could not agree more. I selected to appear offline because I want to appear offline. Stop bugging me about it.


Bumping this because mine is nagging me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. now.

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Yes, you need to allow us to disable this message. This is infantilizing nonsense. A prompt every single day? Really???

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Yes I hate it. Why is blizzard anti-introvert? I want to random couple QMs or ARAMs and then just leave for that day.

Yep, hate it. I just want to stay offline and I loathe that the launcher keeps nagging me to be social.


Over a year has gone by since the OP and I, too, would like an option to make the prompt go away entirely.

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