Option to disable launcher’s “Remain Offline?” Prompt

Same as this persons complaint

The prompt to go online with only an option to silence for 7 days is incredibly annoying and borderline illegal from a privacy law perspective.

Please give an option to fully disable this “feature”.


Could not agree more. I selected to appear offline because I want to appear offline. Stop bugging me about it.


Bumping this because mine is nagging me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. now.

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Yes, you need to allow us to disable this message. This is infantilizing nonsense. A prompt every single day? Really???

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Yes I hate it. Why is blizzard anti-introvert? I want to random couple QMs or ARAMs and then just leave for that day.

Yep, hate it. I just want to stay offline and I loathe that the launcher keeps nagging me to be social.


Over a year has gone by since the OP and I, too, would like an option to make the prompt go away entirely.

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Still not fixed. I have to shut down bnet launcher so I don’t accidentally hit the wrong button like I did last time. No one asked for these reminders and it’s insulting that you think your users don’t know if they are offline or not.

Can we please just have a checkbox that lets us turn this reminder off entirely? Some of us don’t want to display as onlie in anything we do. The response in the linked post from Vrakthris is actually in quite poor taste.

“nor why you would want to have anyone on your friends list if you never reveal yourself to them”

I have people on battle net that I actively message and invite to groups in wow. I also have people on battle net that I don’t want to see my activity, when i’m online, what game I’m playing, due to personal reasons. I don’t want people know how much time i spend on what games etc, that’s my business.

I’m just going to have to accept this prompt everytime it shows up in order to remain offline, for some reason.
Just give us a way to disable it. Please.

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