Opting out not working

When I open the settings and choose Beta "blizzard battle.net beta’ the option to opt out isn’t there. In fact it wants me to turn it on. As it is already on, this poses a problem.

When I do click it thinking ‘turn it on and off again’ it tells me that it will have to down load the Beta, restart my computer, and I can opt out at any time. This new launcher takes up a awful amount of screen real-estate.

I wouldn’t care how much it took up if I could pop out the friends list like it did before. The full list that tells me who is on, what game, and allow me to see the notes I made for them.

How do I opt out? I really want to know. I didn’t sign up for this.

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Blizzard has been working on a new version of the Battlenet Desktop Launcher app for quite some time. It used to be in Beta and was optional.

It is now released Live to most of the NA region and is slowly being rolled out to other Regions. They posted an announcement about it

I find that by Default it seems to take up a lot of screen space but if you grab and pull the sides down to something Mobile sized, it is much less cluttery! It scales to show the selected game options, one News article for it, and the Friends list. It also lets you select which games you want as Favorites that show in the selection bar. Most of the rest of the features are there too, but might take a bit of looking.

This seems to be the most common negative feedback about the app so far. Unless they bring that feature back, you won’t have it.

The beta isn’t forced on anyone even if they are opted in. In fact, which version is used is controlled by the app itself, which makes that opt-in/out feature essentially useless.

As long as nothing has changed with the rollout of the new version, anyone can choose which they want to use from inside the app. It will stay that way until manually switched. I’ll double check it when I’m home later today.

EDIT: I checked and it is allowing me to freely switch back and forth between versions, regardless if I’m opted in or not.

It is a shame they have comments disabled on that article… :coffee:

Interresting, I can’t change between versions, the beta and my normal window are the same? never opted in to anything, but from one day to the other it got FORCED to the newer version. So I would like it very much if you kindly shared how you can do it =)


Blizzard is rolling out the new interface progressively, as announced here.

The new patch will go out to parts of North America first so that we can ensure its stability. We’ll roll it out further in the weeks ahead, including to other player regions.

Not everyone is running the new interface… I’m still on the old one, and I suspect @Leviathan is too… otherwise, he would not be able to switch back and forth between the old and new interfaces.

For players still on the old interface, the Beta menu in Settings has a button to revert back to the old interface; see this screenshot I just did (click on the screenshot to zoom in, use Esc to close it):

That post of mine was back before the new launcher was rolled out to me. (Like Boubou mentioned, it’s being rolled out piecemeal.)

Once an account has the new version, the live and beta will look the same except for a small “Beta” banner in the upper left corner of the app.

So if you don’t see a change when switching (besides the “Beta” banner) then you have the new version.

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