Optimalization for Snapdragon 888

Hello, im changing Poco F2 Pro ( SD 865 6g RAM) on Realme GT2 (SD 888 12g RAM ). And game run slower, freezes, on fight Fps always under 30 fps. Poco with same max settings never freezes, run smoother and fps always 50+. Someone have same problem ? I’m thinking its very bad optimalization …

It’s the same with me. I have two phones. Xiaomi Mi10T 5G (Snapdragon 865 and 8 GB Ram) I have a constant 60 fps on low graphics settings. The second phone is a Realme GT2 (Snapdragon 888 and 12Gb Ram) and I get 20-30 fps on low graphics settings. I bought realme a few days ago

Same problem. Same Phone ( Realme GT2 12/256). Seems like there is no proper optimalisation.

Problem also occurs on other snap 888 phones.

I’m on realme gt2 aswell. Same issue here. Other games run smoothly, it’s just diablo…

Same here i have realme gt 5g with snap 888.

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