"Oops something went wrong"

Keep getting this over and over, checked and there’s no updates in the play store…

Yep. Same. I wish I could buy a new authenticator dongle and throw this app in the trash. I knew as soon as I swapped I would probably end up having issues and sure enough I can’t log in now.

Here a little update. I figured out that since the app still recognized me and allowed me to be “logged in” for app purposes that I was able to link to account settings from the app to see if anything was amiss. Apparently the setting “Always require authenticator for login” was suddenly turned on. I guess that would explain why my desktop app was so unceremoniously booted. But I don’t know how the option got turned on in the first place.

So I turned that option OFF and went back to my computer and it allowed me to log in with an SMS code instead. So at least I can play now but the authenticator portion of the app is quite simply broken for me today.

My phone is a brand new Pixel 7a less than a month old. Running Android 13.

Update #2 It’s taken 3 days of cussing out useless help articles and running in circles to finally solve this.

Multiple times I restarted my phone, reinstalled the app, cleared the app’s cache. Just for laughs I even installed the WoW companion app and that app worked smooth as butter. I detached the authenticator from my account and started trying over and over to reattach it through my account settings in a Chrome browser window. Days later still trying, and now suddenly the SMS protect codes are no longer being sent. I had little left to try and I was scared of losing my last lifeline to my account but finally I just used my phone’s app managements to clear all user data from the app which also force logged it out of my battle.net account.

When the app restarted it acted like when I first downloaded it, allowed me to set up the authenticator no problem. Now I just need to wait for my extra bagspace to come back on my Wrath Classic toons.

I knew when I finally had to detach my keychain dongle authenticator that was part of the first ever batch Blizzard made that something stunk about this app replacement. That dongle served me perfectly for over 10 years. And within weeks of swapping to this app authenticator suddenly I spent 3 days of painful troubleshooting eventually having to leave my account without an authenticator just to finish troubleshooting and trying to get the stupid thing to work again. I don’t know if from Blizz’s perspective there was anything critically wrong with the physical authenticators but mine never failed me.

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Same issue here. Often I can’t log in on the website either, getting 500 errors and stuff. And right now, just by logging in it gave me “Hmm…looks like there’s nothing here.” after logging in, like what’s going on? It DID log me in, but didn’t redirect me back at the page I was on before.

Why is the website and authenticator not working good together, that seems to be the issue for me. I used to have the app for just authentication, but after they merged them, it’s not working well. It’s popping on my notifications alright, and I press approve there, and it doesn’t log me in, but gives me the “Oops something went wrong”, and doesn’t log me in. Even the manual code gives errors, so how am I supposed to log in?!

Seems there are just a few things it need the authenticator for. And logging in on a new machine seems like the issue is back.