Oops - Something went wrong - NOT RESOLVED

This issue has yet to be resolved despite the blue posts claiming it has been. Still waiting for a fix please.

The thread it was marked as resolved on was mine I can second that it was not resolved as my thread was changed to state and there was no update to download as the blue post claims

If you are still having issues, could you let us know what OS you are running the app on (iOS or Android) and what version of the app you have installed?

On Android, you can find the version of the app in your system settings by finding the Battle.net App.

On iOS you will need to go into the settings page in-app. Unfortunately, it is a known issue on iOS that you cannot see the version information if you cannot login. This will be resolved in our next update.

android, and app version

Same problem here, as well, using a galaxy s20 on Android 10.

Why did blizzard Mark the bug resolved when it’s still clearly effecting many others??

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bug still happening! Galaxy S10+ . Nov 2020.
clean cache, reinstall, reboot device, nothing helps.
Same for the authenticator.