Oops, Something went wrong message on phone

I have had major issues with fully connecting into the battle.net app on my phone. Have pretty much done everything requested on my game ticket. Uninstalled, shut down phone and did fresh install, cleared cache and data, tried turning off wifi, turning off the phone data and trying just wifi alone, and cannot find anything that would be blocking the log in attempt. I’d been able to log on to the app prior to this with no issue or on rare occassions getting the Oops something went wrong message and just redoing the log on and getting right on. I’m at a loss now and the tech support has reached in the end of their ideas. Any assistance with this issue sure would be most appreciated.

I am experiencing this same issue on my phone and have been since the latest update was rolled out 9 days ago. I never had any issues prior to this either.

Same problem for the past 2 weeks and still happening