" Oops! It looks like something went wrong

whenever i try to refund black ops 4 (it is still eligible* i keep getting
" Oops! It looks like something went wrong.

We could not complete your request. Please try again or submit a support ticket if the problem persists."

any solutions?

Uuum, its the same as the last time you posted this exact thing…

Do you not check your old posts and just make new ones??

i did and no one helped so i just made a new one

Are you trolling? In your 1st thread I literally repeated what the error message that YOU posted said to do.

…exactly like the error message SAYS. Just like YOU posted here.

i did and its been a week and they haven’t responded

First, did make it to the confirmation page where a ticket number is assigned?

Second, if so, ticket times are higher because of blizzcon and the recent game releases. You have to wait for your turn in line.