Only getting 8 Fading Embers while using 3 Crests


I’m using 3 Crests for the elder rift, and others use some too, it says I should get 14 and sometimes more of the Fading Embers, but I keep getting just 8 every time. what’s going on?
I just purchased the Empowered battle pass too, and it feels like I’m being scammed.

There’s a weekly max on bonus embers (the ones that come from using crests)

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I’m using 1 crest, running solo and have not reached my limit. Only getting 8 embers.

These people dont know how to search… refuse to, or cant read… and will just keep posting the same “issue” (which we know its not) over and over because it doesnt work like they want it to…

Ok, I miss understood. The bonus cap suck and the game doesn’t make it clear to you. The screen shows you 9 even when you reached your max bonus. That should be fixed.