On Gambling in Diablo

One thing I have realised is that Blizzard supports and condones gambling. How many times in Diablo 3 have you gone to Myriam trying to socket a ring or something, requiring a gem to get the socket, seeing that you have 20 of those gems, then rolling time after time trying to get that elusive socket only to run out of gems. Its teaching kids that if you work hard, collect valuable resources, that if you go to someone like Kadala, Myriam or the Cube, you can throw away your hours of gathering resources to be eaten in a matter of minutes and still not get what you need. Rinse and repeat.
I think it has always been a blunder of Blizzard to condone and encourage gambling. Even if one player goes away with a feeling of how lucky he/she was in getting their item with only one or two rolls, it may mean that sometime in the future that player may start down the road of gambling as an adult for that ‘quick fix’.
If Blizzard wanted to counter this, why don’t they simply add a ‘loop’ that tracks what is rolled by the game and not let it come back in over and over. Seriously, how many times have you rolled Critical Hit 20 or whatever or even seeing it come up twice in the same attempt? Just loop it Blizzard and give a player something to aim for. Please don’t encourage young kids to gamble.

The Diablo franchise is made and marketed to adults. Any problems regarding gambling and kids as it pertains to gambling, is on the parents.

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omg, for once I agree with Atomic…

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I agree gambling is stupid. It’s one of the most overused and laziest means of game life extension in existence. I don’t care how kids are impacted though. If a parent is allowing a child to play a game full of half naked demon wenches and violence/gore they deserve a screwed up child.

The Diablo series has an ESRB rating of 17+, ‘M’ for Mature.

Legally stores that sell games must check ID if they suspect the purchaser is possibly younger than the ESRB rating.

So there you have it. Blizzards target audience for Diablo are those that would be considered old enough to make the right decisions, including those that involve gambling. If there’s anyone you need to be lecturing, it should be the parents that purchase the Mature rated games for their 8 year olds to play.