Old Phone Number Disaster

Okay… I have been attempting for the last 5 days to change my old phone number… OH ALSO… WHY WOULD THEY MAKE IT TO WHERE YOU NEED YOUR OLD PHONE NUMBER TO UPDATE YOUR NUMBER??? If you go to update your number you more than likely don’t have that number anymore so please for the love of everything change that or something.

Anyways, I have made like 3 tickets on the matter when I don’t get a response for over 40 hours… The only thing that is worse than bad customer service is no customer service and also why are these people posting forums when you finally get to talk to a person? Like I wanna talk to a HUMAN not a bot… sending forums that we have already tried is not what we want blizzard like come on…

but yeah hey admins or gamemasters or whatever you call yourselves can I PLEASE get my phone number changed so I can pass the verification of a game I PAID FOR so I can play when I actually have days off?

Activision at least will answer my questions within 12 hours at MOST like cmonnnnnn

get live chat working again
hire more people or whatever you gotta do to help people
and please
let me change my phone number xD

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