Old Diablo II key not being recognized by installer

I purchased Diablo II when it first came out. I also purchased the LOD expansion. The LOD expansion it noted on my account, but not the base Diablo II.

I am trying to install Diablo II. I downloaded the installer and it is asking me for a 26 digit key. My CD case has a key that is only 16 digits, so it is not recognized by the installed so I am unable to install.

I tried just loading the LOD but it needs to have Diablo II installed first. So since I have the LOD attached to my account, I couldn’t have played it without also having the base game.

What do I need to do in order go get my very old CD key recognized?

You’ll need to bind the old code to your Blizzard account, which will convert it to the new 26 character code.

Click your account name on the upper right, account settings, then input the 16 digit code in the field right below “REDEEM A CODE”. If successful, click “Games & Subscriptions” scroll down below “Classic Games” and you should see a 26 alpha numeric code to the right of “Diablo II”.

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