Old authenticator not working

this is not a mobile authenticator problem

  • have an old key chain or security fab authenticator - whatever you want to call it, that’s not working any more, pressing the button does nothing.

  • wasted over an hour trying to bypass the authenticator to log in to my original account with no success trying to
    remove the authenticator (seems like only mobile authenticator can be removed?)

I found a topic that says "There is a way to navigate the ticket system without an Auth.

It requires clicking the option to continue with out logging in. It will also require Govt Issued ID in your name that matches the registered account name."

Could I get the link for that ticket without an Auth. ?

There USED to be a way. It involved having to submit the serial number and an Auth code I think - so it had to be working. If it died you always had to get in touch with Support.

I just fired up another browser to test this for you.

Support > Contact Support > Account > Categorize issue > Account > Remove Authenticator> Continue > Select option to submit ID. Direct link Contact Support - Blizzard Support

Just click the submit ID portion.

Make sure to carefully follow all the rules on how to submit ID.

Also, have the Mobile one downloaded and ready to add to your account once you get the Physical one removed. That way your account stays safe.

It worked!
I :heart: You MissCheetah!

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