Offline use of games

why can I not play any of my games offline , why dont you do what steam does please and just let us play offline with the damn licensee i purchased everyone else in the world can why the hell can i not on a computer and this has been out twice as long , as any console. CAN WE GET THIS FIXED PLEASE I BEEN TRYING TO PLAY GAMES OVER AT MY FRIENDS AS STUFF. IT’s very annoying. fyi . I just purchased a 60$ game almost and have purchased other games from you and this was not recent why do i have to be on the internet to just log on or play my game. please fix this bug or whatever you go going on its annoying and stressfUL

few games can be played offline, starcraft 1,2 warcraft 3 but most recent required to be online. thats why is enjoy this is the best company ever

no no your not understanding i want my gad damn game i bought i shouldnt have to be told when i want to play my game !