Offline-Function for only one game account

Hey everyone,

I just contacted a game master for World of Warcraft, who told me to post my issue here.
I got several accounts for World of Warcraft, which I use for various purposes. But I use only one of those accounts for playing with my guild mates. When we want to start a group, it usually causes confusion when other players try to invite me over my They either don’t know which character from which account they need to invite, or they don’t even know how to invite a character from an specific account.
I know there is an “show as offline”-function for the whole app. But I don’t want to be offline with all my accounts - only with some of them, so it causes less confusion inviting me. It would be nice if there was also an “offline”- function for only specific game (in my case: World of Warcraft) accounts.

I hope my feedback is at the right place in this forum. I would really appreciate an “offline”-function not for all, but just some accounts in my :slight_smile:

Best regards!