Official Blizzard Store blocked by banks?

Hello Blizzard.
I am in doubt.
I really want to order the upcoming Collector’s Edition of Dragonflight, but it seems to only be exclusively available on eu. gear. blizzard .com for europeans.

Problem here is the reputation of the store with customers, and with banks.
I tried to order and got CARD DECLINED, puzzled as i had money in it I contacted the bank, and they said they had blocked access to the website since it had recevied a lot of complaints from their cardholders for problems with orders, and refunds.

I decided to google a bit…Tustpilot rating is a 1…for the EU store.

Wow…is an understatement looking at Trustpilot feedbacks.

Then there is REDIT posts with tonns of horrible feedbacks of people getting scammed by the blizzard EU store.

A blue post suggest people to use the US store
eu. forums. en wow t i-feel-scammed-by-blizzard-gear-store 311991/3?sscid=91k6_cbvqf&=true Pointing them there…
But that is not for EU customers.

Problem here is not only the STORE, but the fact that the Collectible version of WoW Dragonflight is stated to be a Blizzard Store Exclusive!..meaning no other retailers can sell it…or get copies to sell…which i got with last expansion, from a webretailer who sold locally.

So BLIZZARD, before Dragonflight launches, please review the horribleness of the reviews of the EU STORE and please address it as I feel extremely sad and reluctant to order from there now when i read all the bad reviews and comments, and when even my BANK has blocked them based on customers reporting them for scamming/FRAUD.

Please comment blizzard, or at least make the CE edition available to retailers outside of your horrible trusted rated store in the EU.

EDIT, i contacted the UK store, apparently they are the same outlet as the EU store…AND the US Store. So the suggestion in the blue post to shop at the US store link is not relevant, as it is the same company/outlet handling everything.

Please Blizzard, release Collectors edition to retailers. Your official gear store has a horrible customer reputation.

I have played wow since 2004 and do not want a digital-only version as I like the hard physical boxes.


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