Number of players when MFing


Hi all

I have been watching a number of D2 related tutorial videos online and lately I have been watching videos made by DBrunski a fair bit. I know he plays single playser with PlugY rather than on Bnet, but still…

Anyway, one of the videos I watched goes into an analysis of how the number of players impact the drop chances, and the analysis says: depends on what you are looking for.

Specifically it divides this into 3 categories:

  1. If you are looking for HR, then you should join games with more playsres (or use playser x to bump the number up if doing single player). Reason being more players = decreased chance of “no drop” roll, which pretty much means increased chance of something will drop from non-unique / non-champion monsters. Character should be equipped with gears to ensure fastest killing speed since MF has no bearing on rune drop rates. Also ghost type of monsters have elvated chance to drop runes so aim for those as much as possible.

Also can someone please verify if it is true to say “the tutorial says a game with 7 players has the same drop rate tas a game with 8 players, with 8 players game having only marginally better experience gain than 7 players. So a game with 7 players is optimal to play when looking for HRs.”

  1. If you are looking to farm act bosses. Then player 3 is the most optimal. Due to the drop table of act bosses are different from drop table of uniques / super uniques / champions, 3 playser game results in drop rate of act bosses to have signficiantly better drop rate than 1-2 players game. But a 5 players game only has negligibly improved drop rate while the difference between 5 player and 7 player game is so little that it doesn’t really matter.

  2. If you are looking to just kill as many normal uniques / super uniques / champions as possible to find set/unique items and don’t mind rune drop rate too much, then just load up with as much MF as you can without sacrificing killing speed and go with 1 player game. The tutorial explains that this is because: regardless of how many players are in the game, uniques / champions will always drop 1 item + a few potions, while super uniques always drop 2 items + a few potions. Having more players is not going to cause uniques to drop more than 1 item together in additon to potions nor is it going to cause super uniques to drop more than 2 items in addition to the potions. Therefore, since the number of items dropped by uniques / super uniques do not increase (only quality of items can be influenced by MF), then might as well make them easier to kill with a 1 player only game and load up as much MF as possible without slowing down the killing speed. — This is where I got the idea of building a barb that uses “howl” to allow me to ignore normal monsters and just hack away the unique / super unique, assuming if this is true.

Would like to check if this is something you all agree with or if your experience / perception is different?



I usually don’t mf farm, I stick to experience farming. When in large groups it’s usually limited to cbaal, but with one or 2 others I’ll run easy to get to lvl 83-85 areas, depending though on the skill level of the other players. When soloing I run almost all alvl 83-85 and hit all the chests, uniques and champions along the way. When an area stops producing visible experience, I stop running it. I do this until I reach clvl 93, then I just run cbaal and nilh.

This is how I magic/rune find, and it’s usually with less than 100 mf.


I try to do that too, but with cbaal games, the problem is usually those games involve bots and a lot of the time they have 3 bots in the same game, where bot 1 runs pits / Countees / Andarial / ancient tunnel, bot 2 runs Meph / Shenk / Eldrick, and bot 3 runs Pindle / Nith / Lower Kurust super chests. Those 3 bots would run simultaneously so regardless of which popular area you go to, you’d be competing against a script and you will just come out at the losing end.

Only after those runs are done (which usually gets down in less than 2 minutes) then they proceed to Chaos Sanctuary and followed by Baal.

But the 2 areas they seem to consistently ignore are: Arcane Sanctuary and WSK.

This is the reason why I choose to solo WSK instead of gaining experience in the throne when joining public cbaal games, because I know there is a reasonably high chance that bots will be involved in public cbaal games and I don’t feel like leeching experience from the crowd while not contributing. Also I know I have no chance to compete against bots… not with my lousy mouse movement and slow fingers when it come to clicking… At least in WSK, I have the leisure of killing everything and picking up the loot myself.

My good items are found either by running WSK in public cbaal games (but so far no HR dropped for me) or by running 1 player pits / tunnels / nith etc…


I don’t join bot games and when doing cbaals, myself or non-enigma hammerdin or wind druid lead the march.


The number of players in the game reduces the “no-drop” chance for white monsters and act bosses. The quality/kind/type of drops is not affected, only the number of drops.

Your character counts as +1. A player in your party that is in the same area as you counts as +1. A non-partied player or partied player that is not in the same area as you counts as +0.5.
The final total is then rounded down to a whole integer, which is referenced for item generation when a white monster or act boss is killed.

Here’s a snippet of the “no-drop” chances of most monsters:
Players 1 = 100/160(~62%)
Players 2 = 38/98 (~48%)
Players 3 = 19/79 (~24%)
Players 4 = 10/70 (~14%)
Players 5 = 6/66 (~9%)
Players 6 = 3/63 (~4%)
Players 7 = 2/62 (~3%)
Players 8 = 1/61 (~1%)

Some monsters are different. Here’s the no-drop chance table for the wraiths:
Players 1 = 75/104 (~72%)
Players 2 = 31/60 (~51%)
Players 3 = 17/46 (~36%)
Players 4 = 10/39 (~25%)
Players 5 = 7/36 (~19%)
Players 6 = 4/33 (~12%)
Players 7 = 3/32 (~9%)
Players 8 = 2/31 (~6%)

I don’t have the table at hand for Act Bosses.

Champions and unique monsters don’t have a chance of no-drop, so they are not affected.

edit: The snippets are very old, so they may not reflect the actual percentages, but they should be fairly close.


Where does player x command in single player fit in terms of such calculation.


Single player, it’s set as that number, which is figured into the no-drop chance.