Number of people horde on a server WOW

Hello, I’m trying to understand how the battle net API works and I can’t find the API call it takes to know the number of people horde on a specific server. Do you have any idea what call to make?

Thank you for your help.

There is no such thing available on the API.

I am surprised because there are sites which do this example: https:// wowclassicpopulation .com/ it must recover this data well somewhere?

They used get those samples from auction house data. Since user identifier is now removed from the AH API I don’t think it is a viable option anymore.

ok, in that case, how does blizzard do to get the total horde players?

Blizzard owns the game, of course they have access to every database they need. They don’t need to consume any of the public APIs to have that kind of information.

For more details see this thread where people involved in gathering the same information pointed out how the AH changes would impact those datasets.

The general idea was to use the AH dumps to fetch character names, with their names you could get guild information and fetch even more names. That would cover all active characters that either belongs to a guild or uses the AH.

Since the AH does not include the seller name anymore due to the new data policy the ability to get that kind of information is very limited.
I guess you could achieve something similar by getting data from the in-game AH.

You might wanna join the discord server and see if anyone have other information to share on this topic.

A site called “WoW Classic Population” obviously did not use the AH API.

My bad :worried:. Totally missed that part of the url. I was thinking about other similar websites and old forum discussions.