Number of API requests

The documentation page shows the number of requests per hour and per second, but how exactly does it work? What do I mean: we have an app access token and an account access token, right? If we execute this command

curl -u {client_id}:{client_secret} -d grant_type=client_credentials

we will get an access token to the application, if we simply execute a request from the API documents page, we will get an account access token. We see it at the very end of the query string. Is that true?

If all this is true, then how will the Blizzard API count the number of requests? For example, we use Oauth. When the user is not logged in, we use our access token to the application. When a user has been logged in, we receive an access token and can make requests on his behalf by receiving private data such as a list of his characters. How will the limit of API requests be calculated at this moment, because we use the access token delegated to us when requesting. Or is it just calculated relative to the IP address regardless of other circumstances?

Please, correct me if I made a mistake. Thanks!

The access token is created based on your app’s unique client_id (even when you have a token authorized by another user).

No matter if you make requests using a single token created using the client_credentials flow or multiple tokens created via the authorization_code flow, it will count as a request made by your application.