Notification (Red Dot) won’t go away! Can not see clan apps!

Can no longer see clan applications :(. It tells me I have applicants and the red dot is there but when I go to clan members now it doesn’t show me anything. The is a permanent red dot on shadows that never goes away now. It is really annoying


I have the same issue here

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Just started having this same issue yesterday. Please fix. I’m so conditioned to click the red dots that this is driving me mad. Check every 10 minutes to be disappointed all over lol. Very sad that I cannot grow my clan with this bug…

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quick update: this bug resolved itself shortly after making this post, yay!

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Same here.

Also, I can’t upload pictures or links to show an example of the issue. Seems like a bug, too.

I have this issue right now, has anyone found out why this happens?

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I Cannot see my clan applications either

I too am having the same issues and it is really frustrating me the app has been deleted and redownloaded and it is still there also I have reset my phone and nothing I can’t see the applications just happened yesterday this needs to be fixed I am highly aggravated with this blizzard please fix the problem

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With me removing 7+ day inactives i really need an influx of new members and i cannot access the applicatins its really annoying now

Me too. Please fix this blizzard asap! The red dot is driving me nuts