Not sure where else to go

You can keep your opinions to yourself if you aren’t helping the problem. I don’t care if everyone says it, this is my story. Diablo was the first game i ever played online. I remember staying the night at a buddies and it was my introduction to Blizzard. I found out there was da PS version of the game so i immediately bought it. I didnt have a computer at the time and knew very little of the internet. It wasnt long later i got a job and i bought that computer. It was either Diablo II or Warcraft II that i next enjoyed playing and then the other soon after. I didnt like many modes on Warcraft II, but i loved to play Mini Chop (1 peon, High Resources, 4v4). Warcraft 3 came out and of course i bought it, but didn’t find the same joy in it. Which was fine Diablo II and Warcraft II were great who needed anything else.

So years later my buddy tells me about this game World of Warcraft. Warcraft i loved that game and i love Blizzard, why not? Instantly hooked, loved it, couldn’t get enough. As matter of fact I’m sure I can get my ex-wife to testify on some times i would wait for her to fall asleep and then sneak out to play or tell her she had to wait until i was done with WoW to get her… well you know. To be honest before you flame this part too. We were both young when she got the preggo belly. We gave it a hell of a run for 2 people that didnt even know each other and we still remain friends this day. I just want you to understand the time i committed when i was married.

Now its COVID 2020 and I’m like Rank 1 in the fight against it. I live in nowhere Indiana literally “BFE” there is no unlimited data high-speed internet. I use mine and my daughters hotspots and I also have an actual Hotspot I use. Luckily I can afford to not work during this time and relax and do things i want AS MUCH AS I WANT. Obviously this is or atleast was AV weekend not that it really matters what weekend it is. There is nothing in any rules anywhere saying i am not allowed to be logged in 24/7/365 days obviously weekly or extra maintenance would not be included, but you know what i mean. If the server is up I’m allowed to be logged in until next week’s maintenance. Now i have never done this, but there are times when i might stay logged in for 48 hours straight or longer. Maybe i just do alot of drugs so what if I do, that would be my choice and by doing those drugs I could stay up for a week. Is that yours or anybody’s business.

I have my daughter on the weekends, so these times tend to be during the week when I’m maintaining my #1 COVID rank (If you think I’m not seeing my daughter then you are probably part of the problem). This weekend she had a funeral to attend for someone related to her mom so being the awesome COVID fighter I am, I took one for the team and will just pick her up early this week so we still have our time to hang out.

Now my email said for hacking/botting. The only things i use are Questie // Ink UI // DBM // ThreatCLassic2 // Leatrix + // Honor Spy // Flight timer addons. There might be 1 or 2 more but i can assure you none of them are used for the auction house or gathering or battleground farming (im highly active in trying to motivate alliance to win and stop BUGGING the DRUIDS-why arent these people being banned?) or any thing that violates any terms. If I’m being banned over an addon that nearly the entire community uses how is that fair? Even better there is automatically a Addon folder when you install the game. How does that work if this is the case. Who determines what addon or how long a player stays online to set off triggers that will get you banned without warning or reason that you are unentirely awawre of?

This ghosted method-with nothing but 1 appeal that may or may not even be reviewed, and if it is he/she may not really care? Some kind of response would be nice.

Well you admitted to guilt

Guilty to what? playing too much. Using add-ons is not against the ToS. Maybe certain ones that deal with the auction house or some of the automated ones that mages use i think and probably a few others. Addons have been around for almost all of WoW. Like I said there is a folder called Addons when you install the game. If they are not to be used then why is there a folder there. That would be like handing someone an open container as they drive off.

They admitted a mistake was made and dropped the ban to a 6 month suspension. Now the reasoning says i was reported by other players. How is that even fair that all it takes is people not liking you or the way you play to get you banned and by reporting you for botting. I could give you a ton of reasons why I’m obviously wouldnt be a bot. I bought 200 noggenfogger Saturday? IDK you check. I probably didnt log off much, like i said my kid didnt come this weekend, but that doesnt matter I ran a BWL at some point late Saturday, did BG’s until the morning and i found a ZG group at some point. I won 2 AB’s then barely lost the 3rd, which was ok i was only after 1 AB mark to begin with but hey who doesnt like to win. at which point i did WSG and no joke we won atleast 1 if not 2 in a row… I dont know i got enuff to make them all even 3’s to turn in. That might of even been Sunday night HAHHAH I"m not really sure it was all a Blur because I’m pretty sure i was up for like almost 60 hours. That is all I admit too, but that is not against any ToS.

Will someone please look further into this. Like I said they’ve already admitted a mistake was made. I am not wrong here. I can’t post in the other forums like I said there is nowhere else. And yes I did the appeal… thats how it was reduced. Now I cant even appeal that decision… only open a ticket and hope!