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How long is my temp ban? I used vpn after getting restricted for in and out of games to fast. No lies. How long? Been getting error since 12/12.

Hey there,

Looks like the lockout is until mid-day on the 29th of December. The VPN usage likely caused the lockout to be extended which may be why it’s lasting so long.

Hope the info helps.


Thanks for the response!

Hey Blizzard. I am locked out (it would seem) from Diablo 2. I can’t for the life of me think of anything I’ve done to deserve it. Can you tell me how much longer I’ll be locked out?

Hey Kaldradis! I literally just bought my copy of D2 and LOD expansion and had no clue I couldn’t use VPNS and logged in with one. ive been banned for 2 days now. I don’t think its fair considering I literally just spend money on your product. Can you please inform me how many days I have left on my ban?

Hey Teiger,

Looks like this one is until January 16th.


Kaldraydis, would you be able to tell me if im Cd key banned or ip banned and if so how long?

Hey Kaldrayis. I just bought diablo 2 and installed it and can’t seem to got online. am I locked out for some reason? I don’t use a VPN so I don’t know why I would be.