Not receiving daily rare crests

Hi Support,

I have been noticing that I did not receive the free daily rare crests for two days in a row now. There was a window pop-up to state that I have received the daily reward, however the crest did not add up in my inventory. Please advise.

PS: I do not know how long this has been happening but I only noticed it for the past two days.

You have to physically go and click the elder rift to collect it… it says ones avaliable, not youve received one.

Actually reading escapes some apparently.

Yes, I did go to the elder rift to collect it. Please do not comment anything without finding out the whole facts. You are jumping the gun. I am currently paragon level 64, do you not think that I already know how to go to the elder rift to collect it?

No, i dont think you know how, nor do i think you did it. Thats why I said it.

Or maybe you no longer have the capability to think as your toxicity has melted down your brain.