Not Having ANY Issues

I’m just not seeing it. I don’t have wait times, Realm Downs, Disconnects, or Fail to Join issues. I’m playing both Ladder and Non-Ladder. There’s ZERO chance I’m just “lucky”. If people stopped botting and spamming 2 minute runs they wouldn’t see these problems.

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Hmm, well I’m not one to quickly adopt the assumption of people botting because it’s happening to them and not you. There are many variables that come into play.

This season, I’ve experienced being dumped out of the game after being in game for a whopping 5 seconds followed by failed to join for 20 minutes after my first run for the evening. My runs typically last about 10 to 20 minutes.

Maybe you are just “lucky”, who knows, try not to be so quick to judge.

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Seems relevant. I do not bot and I have received waiting in line, other than that I have not had any problems, but that does not automatically mean its only an issue for botters.

The community has a lot of misinformation, of which I have been guilty of in the past. It’s about time we start to try to avoid that problem.

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Nothing like doing an mf run for 10 minutes and greeted with 30 second wait in line prompt, yeah i’m experiencing this sh1t as well. This is probably a byproduct of the fix they did at the start of ladder and broke something in the process. Its getting really annoying now to mf legitimately.

Latency plays a big part in the quality of a players connection. High latency can lead to more games dropping and restrictions.

Hell i cant even connect in general. New game cd key is claimed by he who must not be named apparently .